We are a Bay Area co-op aimed at finding a way to do what we love while sharing our creations with those who resonate with them

Illumination Bases

Our PortaLight Modular Illumination Bases provide you a truly new and unique way to display and show off your favorite clear centerpiece items, such as crystals glass/acrylic art and sculptures...
Let your imagination run wild!
If it's clear and can safely sit on top of the PortaLight...
Now you have a ONE OF A KIND LIGHTSHOW!!

Bismuth Crystals

Every now and then for a brief moment, our Holographic Universe shows its true form.
Creating beautiful Bismuth crystals is a huge focus for us at Liquid Crystal Gardens. They give us a glimpse into our Holographic existence
Here's your chance to take home a
snapshop of the Hologram
Bismuth is an INCREDIBLE element


  • It creates Rhodehedral Crystal formations when cooled under proper conditions
  • It's elemental half-life is far longer than many-times the age of the Universe